Local council: 25 representatives; read more
Executive committee: 9 members;
Mayor: Bente Elin Lilleøkseth

Chief executive officer: Tollef Imsdalen

Area: 370  ¾ forest and ¼ farming area and built up area.
Population: 7477

Farming, industri, trade, and tourism. Famous product: Candles.


Neighbour communities:

Host of the Olympic Wintergames `94. 27.000 inhab.

Distance from Løten: 15 km westwards.

19.000 inhab. Distance from Løten: 15 km. eastwards.


  • (Compulsary) primary and secondary school. (10 years – from 6 to 15.) 

  • For upper secondary education our youths can find suitable schools in the neighbourhood, - Hamar, Elverum and Stange; in Hamar and Elverum- even university courses. 

Culture institutions:
Local theatre groups, library, bands and choirs.    

Orienteering, shooting, football, athletics, handball, ski.

Local public service:

  • Care for the elderly, - in institution and at home.

  • Care for children, young people and families with certain needs.

  • Health care

  • Water, drain, garbage disposal, environment protection…. technical service.

  • 4 primary and 1 secondary school.(Approximately 1000 pupils and 100 teachers.

  • 5 kindergardens.

  • Administration for the council.

  • Information.

Regional cooperation:
The firebrigade, water, drain and garbage disposal, some educational service, agriculture, doctor on duty, etc.

The name LØTEN is world famous because of two reasons: The Aquavit and the painter Edvard Munch. (Born in Løten)

-Written by Harald Skjølaas-